In this most special show, produced for the 25th anniversary of the Museum, music and art, literature and architecture come together. A literary journey imagined by Kirmen Uribe, framed by the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and set to music by the Bilbao Choral Society and the Euskadi Brass ensemble.

The story goes over the various stages of the history of the Museum, retracing its steps back to its origin —the drive and partnership of the society that made it possible— and the circumstances of its coming into existence, following its development and revisiting its various exhibitions, and exploring its surroundings, with links to the Euskalduna shipbuilding company, the Bilbao-based industry, Paris, Russia, and New York. The voices of the Bilbao Choir and the brass instruments of Euskadi Brass will carry Uribe’s words on their wings across the Museum Atrium.