Aproaching Art: Abstract Expressionism

Art critic, curator, essay writer, and Professor of Art History at Complutense University Madrid Mª Dolores Jiménez-Blanco will reveal the keys to Abstract Expressionism and discuss the movement’s historical background and most representative artists and works. The course is targeted at people interested in acquiring basic concepts and references in contemporary art.

May 17

Painting after Hiroshima
In 1945, artists and intellectuals in New York were stunned witnesses to the events that marked the end of World War II: the atomic bombings of Japan, the truth about the horrors of concentration camps, the destruction of entire cities… There were signs everywhere that the certainties of the modern world could no longer be upheld. Against this background, a new generation of painters were trying to find the way of facing the world without describing it, of being committed to the world while still being committed to themselves.

May 18

The Triumph of American Painting: Abstract Expressionism as a Response
In the mid-1940s, a new cultural fabric began to be woven around galleries like Art of This Century and critics such as Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg, favoring a typically American modern art. The resulting movement came to be known as Abstract Expressionism. Using a variety of languages and formal resources, the artists in this movement shared the view on their role as witnesses to a turbulent period. In this session, some of their works will be analyzed, compared, and contrasted.

Venue: Education Room and Museum galleries
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
Fee: €40 (for full course, i.e. two sessions). Group between 15 and 30 people

Reservations available from April 28

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