A playful course in architecture where children can learn basic concepts of architecture and space using drawings, models and games. Building a cave and making cave paintings in the light of torches… Becoming Indians by playing in tents… Creating sets for a shadow play… All this and more in several activities aimed at playing with architecture and having fun.

Although the Architecture Lab is conceived of as a series of progressive workshops to unfold from October to December, you can attend individual workshops too, subject to availability.

October 3: Dwelling in Nature
October 10: The Troglodytes
October 17: Little House on the Prairie
October 24: Ebaketak/Intersections
October 31: Projection
November 7: Doll’s House
November 14: Neurriak/Measurements
November 21: In My Room
November 28: Hard & Soft
December 5: Collage House
December 12: Cookie Town

Ages 6-11

Conducted by: Maushaus