Art After Dark: Agents of Time + Mungo's HiFi + Bomb Bass HiFi

12 am: Agents of Time (Ellum Audio, Italy)

Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa, and Luigi Tutolo are “Agents Of Time”. The Italian trio set out on their ambitious project in July 2013. Their debut album launched on the UK’s Stem Records label, following several EPs including the classics Polina and Emperor on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label. Their innovative sound is characterized by its fusion of electronic, progressive, techno and ambient music, all with dance-floor connections. The use of analogic instruments makes them unique in their genre, with a highly visual mise en scene and choreography. Their meticulous attention to detail is the basis of their performance, always unpredictable and unforeseeable, making Agents Of Time an innovative, multi-faceted group—“Nothing is left to chance, all is entrusted to time”.

11 pm: Mungo’s HiFi (Scotch Bonnet Records, Scotland)
Style: Digital Rub-A-Dub

From Glasgow we’re visited by one of the essential names of Bass Culture, a turn in the screw of the Jamaica inspired Sound System movement. Mungo’s HiFi is made up of DJs, producers, the Scotch Bonnet Records label, the Scrub sub-label, and an impressive sound system. Though not a part of the typical European Dub scene, you’ll find them in most of the genre’s clubs and festivals; no continent can resist their charms. The completely unbiased way they assimilate reggae, added to their “electronic” background has led, in a series of strangely coherent and characteristic releases combining ska, reggae, rub’a’dub, digital, new roots, dub, dancehall and dubstep, to Mungo’s sound.

10 pm: Bomb Bass HiFi (Crucial Ruler, Pirates Choice Records)
Style: Reggae

The Museum is once again visited by Bomb Bass HiFi, veteran defender of Jamaican vinyl in the botxo (Bilbao). Tonight he’ll turn his attention to the origins of popular music on the island, ska, rocksteady, reggae roots, when rhythm’n’blues and soul were the source of inspiration.



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