12:00 midnight: DOMINIK EULBERG (Traum/Herzblut/Cocoon, Germany)
Style: Electronic music

Dominik Eulberg has used nature as a source of inspiration for his dramaturgy and content since 1993. In addition to an international DJ, he is an ornithologist from the Westerwald, a flora and fauna watcher, and a master of reconciled contradictions. Since he released his first album in 2003 on Traum Schallplatten, he has been dispersing his ecological expertise and the sound of chirping birds in his tracks. In the forest some rustle in the coppice can turn into a hookline: every single sound is important and endows the tracks with the necessary vitality the dancefloor needs.

In 2007 Dominik was awarded the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik for his second album Heimische Gefilde, with which he achieved a lot for the generation-spanning acceptation of techno. Also his creations as DJ and his remixes for various artists such as Hot Chip, DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, Nathan Fake or Roman Flügel were awarded several times.

11:00 pm: RON FLATTER (Traum/Katermukke/Hive Audio, Germany)
Style: Electronic music

For over a decade, Ron Flatter has been enriching the House and Techno landscape with his own direct and energetic productions and warm, groove-driven DJ sets. Over the years, he has turned out a high number of consistently excellent and innovative tracks, filled with unique sound design and fresh melodies, on labels like Pour La Vie, Stil vor Talent and Traum Schallplatten, always evolving with each new release and exploring fresh new ground. His recent cuts like “Stupid World” and “Desert” combine heavy drums with light, emotive pianos and well-timed breaks that thrill and surprise just when you least expect.

As a DJ, Ron knows exactly what to drop and when to drop it. He has played in every major club and festival in Europe in the last decade and holds down a key residency in his hometown of Halle (Saale), Germany. It is there that he likes to interact with crowds, read their needs and play to their passions, mixing up deep house and techno, and plenty in between. Flatter has released more than 26 EPs and singles that really showcased the breadth of his style, and more than 50 remixes, all of which have seen Ron put his special stamp on a cultured selection of sounds.

10:00 pm: BEWARE OF WOLF (Garage Club, Bilbao)
Style: Electronic music

The man behind Beware of Wolf is Iker, aka Lobo (Wolf), a Bilbao-born music lover who has been passionate about electronic music in its various versions since the late 1990s. After a stay in Barcelona, Iker has been part of the Bilbao music scene for the past 15 years, working with different groups and organizing all kinds of events: The Bunch parties at Fever Club; 2Late Nights, alongside Juan Solo, in La Carolina (Plentzia); or Garage Club, a group he contributed to found, which turned ten in last January and celebrated it in Stereorocks.

Since late 2012, Iker has been editor of Zarata, the special version of the music magazine Mundo Sonoro for Euskadi, Navarra and La Rioja. Also, he recently launched Basques On Decks, a new digital platform focusing on the DJ culture in the Basque Country. As a DJ, Lobo plays everything from rock, electro-funk, nu-disco or deep house to techno and acid house, in robust, dark performances.