12 midnight: Sascha Braemer (Whatiplay, Germany)
Style: Electronic music

Berlin-born Sascha Braemer hit international success when he launched Caje with his friend Niconé. Since then, he has performed in Paris, New York or São Paulo and attended festivals as a star where he used to be part of the audience. His mission is to make people on the dance floor fall in love with him. In an effort to accomplish this, he has turned his life into a frantic succession of performances. Romantic Thrills, also released with Niconé, is the album that followed their hit single. To these we should add his solo releases for Stil vor Talent and for his own label, Whatiplay. People from around the world dance to the sound of Braemer’s hits like “People” or “You”, often encouraged by the artist from behind his turntable stand.

Braemer has grown as a DJ and producer without having his intensity sliced, as shown by his performances. He lives and breathes his songs, showing his feelings and spicing his sessions up with his emotions. His new album, No Home, is a balanced blend of euphoria and melancholy, of anxiety and joy, of enthusiasm and fear.

11 pm: Roots Youths Feat: Afrikan Simba (London, UK)
Style: Dub, reggae

DJ Kullar is a great collector of roots reggae and dub songs. Since 2005, he has had his own label, Roots Youths Records, releasing albums by dub heavyweights. Also since 2005, he has had his own radio show, Dublife, reaching fans around the world thanks to streaming.

Afrikan Simba is a classic in the London scene. Hailing from Nigeria, his vibrant energy earned him a place with producers and sound systems from around the world, including Jah Shaka, King Shiloh, Blackboard Jungle or Zion Train. He has his own record label too: Ayamba.

10 pm: Javi Auto (Fever, Bilbao)
Style: Electronic music

Javi Franco took his first steps as a DJ and promoter in the 1990s. In 1998, he founded the group NoData, aimed at the promotion of the culture of electronic music. In November 2005, he opened Fever. He has been the co-director of the club since then. As a DJ, he has performed in Ghent, Montpellier, Vienna, Rotterdam, Berlin and Munich, among other European cities.

Since 2008, he has been one of the artistic program directors of Art After Dark, a project developed collaboratively with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. As a DJ, he knows how to connect with the audience, offering a perfect, exquisite blend of electronic and techno music.


Now on sale on the website and in lockers until 19:30 h from 21:30 h of the event date. Tickets available. Limited capacity. Ages 18 and older. ID or passport required.

Museum admission not allow free access to Fever

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