12:00 midnight: Magda (Perm, Detroit, USA)
Style: Electronic music

Magda’s realm as an artist spans far beyond her role as a DJ and producer. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, she joined Minus in 1998 and began touring the world as Richie Hawtin’s opening DJ. Since her first international tour, in 2003, Magda has become a renowned artist, going beyond the limits of music and developing a style of her own. In 2006, she released the innovative remix album She’s a Dancing Machine, through Richie Hawtin’s label Minus. It was followed by her own debut album, From the Fallen Page (2010). Magda’s remixes for Fabric, Balance or Essential Mix/BBC Radio 1 include tracks by the likes of Plastikman and Depeche Mode.

In 2006, she set up Items & Things, label and agency, with Troy Pierce and Marc Houle. Two years later, she launched the Perm events in Berlin, at the crossroads between club culture and art.

Her latest productions include Blotter Trax, with TB Arthur —a mix of modular synth, impromptu and live rhythms—and Ectomorph, with BMG, live sound and video duets with Lillevan and a Japanese tour. Today, Magda is a high-profile and sought-after artist, having proved herself as a consistent, adventurous and top-quality performer with a knack for bringing tracks together in unexpected ways.

11:30 pm: Hamid (Perm, France)
Style: Electronic music

Born and raised in the south of France, Hamid moved to London in 2006, where he became part of the electronic music scene, starting a vinyl collection and participating in Fabric sessions. After a series of early releases, he signed with Cabanne’s Minibar for two 12” records. This was the launching pad for his career, introducing him to the underground music scene in Europe, Russia and USA. In 2016, he set up H+, a label sponsoring a versatile band performing live: H + Va + Dk (Hamid, Volkan Akin and Denis Kaznacheev). Today, Hamid is a regular at Club der Visionaere, Fabric, Concrete, Arma 17, Suma Beach and Houghton, the renowned festival started by Craig Richards. Hamid is a master of deep house and breakbeat sounds, with an experimental bent.

10:30 pm: Empty Files “Live” (Wombat, Bilbao)
Style: Electronic music, trip hop, rock, ambient music

Empty Files (Bilbao) is an electronic rock band led by Txufo Wilson, under the influence of Bristol’s trip hop and industrial music from the 1990s. In the footsteps of Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Tricky and Depeche Mode, they launched their first EP, Empty Files, in 2013. Its tracks have been remixed by Spanish and international artists, including Smoke Idols, Links, Ryan Campos, Semi Source, Tremmme and Triames. In 2016, they released two new singles, “Shadows” and “Get Up”, as a prelude to their upcoming studio album, and won the DJ Mag competition for their remix of “I Like You As You Are”, a single by another Bilbao-based band, WAS. Empty Files perform live with Imanol Fortes, Gonzalo Ruiz, Urtzi Iza and Alvaro Olaetxea.


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