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Activities TOPARTE

On the occasion of the 20 th Anniversary, some areas of the Museum were open to Basque cultural actors and institutions in the context of TopARTE, a program encompassing all artistic disciplines: music, film, video, dance, performance, theatre, gastronomy. Given its huge success and large turnout, TopARTE will continue in 2018.

Todos los domingo del año.


After the success of the first two seasons, new concerts will be broadcast live from the Berlin Philharmonic, via the Bilbao Philharmonic Society and with the collaboration of Berlin Digital Hall. This season, each concert will be preceded by a presentation. Venue: Auditorium Tickets: available 3 weeks ahead of each concert at the Admissions desk…

Wednesday, September 26, 6 pm


LECTURE: Culinary Interaction

What happens when gastronomy takes a look at other realities? The Basque Culinary Center is playing host to an exchange between art and other disciplines, based on the stories and experiences of Culinary Interaction, a project launched to share the keys to the exciting, stimulating and international phenomenon of gastronomy. An event hosted by journalist…

Saturday, September 29, and Sunday, September 30

Desde el hasta el .


FAB II (Anime Film Festival Bilbao), curated by Blanca Oria, presents a selection of Japanese animated films and series for all ages. Including Ancien and the Magic Tablet, Mazinger Z Infinity, Lu over the Wall, Silent Voice, Genocidal Organ, and Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Venue and time: Auditorium (morning and afternoon) Tickets: Available at…

Thursday, november 8, 7 pm



Once again this year, the museum will host a session of the MEM Festival, curated by Txema Agiriano, an event that for the past 17 years has consistently championed multi-disciplinarity through transgressive projects. Venue: Auditorium Tickets: €2 members, €4 general public; available at the Admissions desk and online

Friday, November 16, 6 pm



Conversation between chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and sociologist Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz about the implications of eating, in connection with the latest installment of “Diálogos de Cocina.” Dedicated to building bridges and creative synergies between the culinary arts and other disciplines, this event was promoted by Mugaritz, Euro-Toques, and the Basque Culinary Center. Venue: Auditorium…

Saturday, November 17, 7 pm



Mumusic Circus presents AMIGOO, a live circus-dancemusical theater show for all ages, in connection with the 18th Dantzaldia Festival, organized by La Fundición. Written, directed, composed, and performed by Marçal Calvet and Clara Poch. Photography: Gerard Rier Venue: Auditorium Tickets: €6 members, €10 general public; available at the Admissions desk and online

Saturday, november 24



The museum hosts activities for Fair Saturday, a sociocultural initiative begun in Bilbao four years ago that highlights the importance of artists and cultural organizations as driving forces of change by promoting their work and contributing resources to social projects. 11 am: Ugao Sarea Abesbatza benefit concert for Fundación Beata Rafaela Ybarra 12:30 pm: Premiere…