Activities TOPARTE

On the occasion of the 20 th Anniversary, some areas of the Museum were open to Basque cultural actors and institutions in the context of TopARTE, a program encompassing all artistic disciplines: music, film, video, dance, performance, theatre, gastronomy. Given its huge success and large turnout, TopARTE will continue in 2019.

Sundays, March 17 and April 7, 12:30 pm

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Loraldia Festival

The fifth edition of the Loraldia Festival is offering two attractive programs to support Basque cultural production. Sunday, March 17: Hasier Larretxea: Itzulerako bideetan barrena. Rosario Gortari, Zuri Negrin, and Patxi Larretxea present the prose and poetry of Hasier Larretxea in a literary journey to the essence of Baztan. Sunday, April 7: Bustinezko etorkizuna will…