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XXth Anniversary

Over the upcoming months and until October 2017, we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Twenty years is a long time for many things to change. Building a building like it had never been done before that changed everything. Changing to a different century. Changing the face of a city. Exhibiting artists who changed art, designers who changed fashion, civilizations that changed the future. And this is worthy of a celebration. With good reason. Exhibitions, events, conferences, shows. You’re invited.

Along with our 20th Anniversary, we are opening up the Museum’s spaces to other agents and cultural entities with the TopARTE program, so you can discover the wealth and variety of projects being carried out around us. TopARTE is an initiative open to all disciplines, such as music, film, video, dance, performance, theatre, and cuisine, and the activity schedule will be completed throughout the upcoming months. Follow us!

With the collaboration of:

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Friday, November 10, 7 pm


MEM Festival

The Guggenheim Museum is introducing Francesca Fini for one of the sessions of the 16th MEM International Experimental Arts Festival that promotes a broad variety of disciplines as expressed by groundbreaking projects. MEM is open to all kinds of arts, in particular, new media, sound or interactive installations, music, video and performance. MEM is a…

Saturday, November 18, 7 pm


Dantzaldia Festival PRESS

In the context of its long partnership with La FuNdicIOn, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the Museum presents a new session of the Dantzaldia Festival. Pierre Rigal’s company Dernière Minute will perform PRESS, a special small-scale solo with an original stage set that contains a kind of “box that pushes the character to the…