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Participating companies

The Corporate Members Program of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao receives ongoing support from over a hundred companies. This Program is open to all types of companies, regardless of size, activity, and scope. Being a Museum patron offers a wide range of attractive benefits for companies to use as part of their communications and public relations strategies.

Since the Museum opened in 1997, it has aimed to be an international art benchmark as well as the symbol of economic vitality in the Basque Country. This goal has been made possible thanks to support from our Corporate Members. We would therefore like to publicly express our appreciation to the many companies that have generously supported the Museum and encourage new companies to join in on the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao project.

Juan Ignacio Vidarte

Director General of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Founding trustees

Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government

Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Provincial Council of Bizkaia

Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

Strategic Trustees



Fundación BBVA

Bilbao Council

Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre

El Correo

ITP Aero


Fundación Vodafone España


Deia - Grupo Noticias

Seguros Bilbao

Bolsa de Bilbao

Fundación Bancaria "la Caixa"



Metro Bilbao

Ferrovial Servicios



Diario ABC

El Correo

Diario Vasco

Diario Montañés

Diario La Rioja

Norte de Castilla


El Mundo

Cadena Ser


Ronda Iberia - Excelente

Estrategia Empresarial

La Ría del Ocio

Empresa XXI

Grupo COPE

El País

SPEND IN Magazine


Sundance TV




Grupo SPRI

Coca Cola



Bahía de Bizkaia Gas

Bahía de Bizkaia Electricidad

Athletic Club

Bizkaia Energía

Aceros Inoxidables Olarra

SURNE, Seguros & Pensiones


MONDRAGON Corporation





Kereon Partners

Viviendas de Vizcaya

Productos de Fundición, S.A.

Cámara Comercio Bilbao – Bilboko Merkataritza Ganbera


Giroa Veolia

Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao


Barceló Hotel Bilbao Nervión


Grupo Tamoin

IXO grupo

BNP Paribas España

Bodegas de los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal

Hotel Abando

Hotel Carlton

Mercure Bilbao Jardines de Albia

Hotel Miró

Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia

Pernod Ricard Bodegas


Gran Hotel Domine

Lantegi Batuak


Grupo Erhardt

López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Universidad de Deusto

Hotel Hesperia Bilbao


Grupo Erakus

Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao

Smurfit Kappa Nervión

Heineken España


Mahou San Miguel

Fundación Banco Sabadell

Crédit Suisse


Banco Popular Español




Tubos Reunidos


Hotel Silken Amara Plaza







Estudios Durero


Bodegas Campillo

Novaltia S. Coop.

Hyundai Motor España

Uría Menéndez

Persgroep Nederland

The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

S. Pellegrino

Red Bull S.L.

Green Giraffe

Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government


The birth of a project

1991, the first conversations took place between Basque government officials an the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation regarding the creation of a Museum in Bilbao, one that would aspire to become a landmark among European institutions dedicated to modern and contemporary culture.

A first-rate institution

Since its conception as a daring proposal on which we placed great hopes, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has become an unquestionable reality, a first-rate cultural center that has transformed the Basque Country and helped to construct and project a modern, dynamic, and cosmopolitan image of our country.

Thanks to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the city of Bilbao and the whole Basque Country has found its place among the leading cultural centers of Europe, and is now capable, from a local point of view, of achieving the international presence it seeks in the globalized world.

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has also helped to boost the creation of new cultural infrastructures while helping to renew and promote others already in place. It enriches the lives of all Basque citizens as well as those who come to visit our country.

Go to the Eremuak Web site

Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Provincial Council of Bizkaia


Sponsorship this year

An important landmark

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has become one of our most important landmarks in the Basque Country and beyond, and has become an international center for art and culture.

Socioeconomic and urban development

At the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, one of the most active institutions in launching this Museum, our objective was and still is to create a highly prestigious cultural infrastructure.

Thanks to our tremendous efforts, we have now become an example and a mirror for many cities, a fact of which we are extremely proud. But the most important point is that the Basque society has grown with this museum, which brings us greater wealth as a people.

BBK Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa


""Ever since the beginning of their fascinating adventure, BBK and the Guggenheim Museum have walked the road hand in hand. It couldn´t be any other way. Each from its respective area of influence, the two entities share a desire to contribute resources and initiatives to the socio-cultural development of Bilbao and the Basque Country. The consensus of our objectives is obvious: we advocate a dynamic, modern, society, open to the world and aware that Culture, with a capital "C", plays an important part in social cohesion and development.
We contribute to cultural dissemination in a very wide range of areas and very particularly back cutting edge cultural and artistic expressions. Under this commitment, we participate in the Museum management and educational area, not stopping at contributing to its pedagogical and didactic vision, but adopting it as our own"



“At Iberdrola we believe in innovation as the cornerstone of progress in society. Accordingly, we have supported the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao project from the very beginning, as an adventure that put art, the avant-garde and innovation at the service of society – a project that offered locals and visitors the chance to know and enjoy a wide and pluralistic range of artistic expressions in a building that is an icon of contemporary architecture; a museum that has played a key role in the social and economic development of the region where it stands. The adventure began more than 20 years ago. There has not been a single day when we have not felt proud to support this museum.”

Fundación BBVA


"Our history of close, fruitful collaboration with the Museum took off with the agreement signed in 1997. Under this agreement, made as part of our corporate responsibility policy to foster the dissemination of art and culture, BBVA joined the Foundation Board, acquiring the commitment to sponsor one of the exhibitions on the Museum’s yearly art programme."


Francisco González Chairman




Corporate Responsibility

BBVA understands corporate responsibility as all positive voluntary contributions -over and above those stipulated by the law- made to the sectors to which it relates. These contributions encourage stable, solid and mutually beneficial relations with its groups of interest, relations which BBVA considers to be a strategic part of value generation and an instrument of competitiveness targeting cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Bilbao Council


Bilbao Council







"We at Euskaltel are proud to sit on the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Board of Trustees, particularly given the similarities between our declarations of principles. We follow an identical path of values with respect to the cultural enrichment of people, offering citizens the full range of access possibilities, contributing to progress and cultural expansion, serving as references and making society proud thanks to a feeling of belonging. Euskaltel deploys an important battery of initiatives under its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, among which are the dissemination of culture and art through the excellent proposals of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao".


Alberto García Erauskin President of Euskaltel

Seguros Bilbao


Sponsorship this year

Previous sponsorship

Seguros Bilbao


"We are convinced that our patronage at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has served to build esteem for Seguros Bilbao and Catalana Occidente as a whole, while at the same time lending credence to our commitment to the furtherance of culture and bringing it closer to a global society.
Furthermore, there are real values that our two institutions share and want to to transmit: quality, modernity and ongoing innovation.
Through the JesúsSerra Foundation, Catalana Occidente has been working for years to support a variety of institutions active in social, artistic and cultural spheres".


Iñaki Álvarez Managing Director, Seguros Bilbao

Metro Bilbao


Metro Bilbao


Ferrovial Servicios


  • Business movie-forum


Ferroser belongs to Grupo Ferrovial Servicios, fully sharing its values, among which are the commitment to good work and to the rigorous management of activities, two characteristics that similarly identify the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The group has also a maxim, established by its founder, according to which the company must make an effort to give back to society part of that which it entrusted to management by Ferrovial Servicios. Last, but not least, is the company's close relationship with the city of Bilbao.


Santiago Olivares Managing Director, Ferroser