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April 10, 2017 – May 7, 2017

Eginberri is the presentation resulting from an artists’ competition organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao as part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations. Artists younger than 35 and based in the Basque Country were invited to submit their proposals and the works by Xare Álvarez Berakoetxea, María Benito Píriz, Patrik Grijalvo, Izaro Ieregi, Zaloa Ipiña, and Karlos Martínez B. were selected from a total of 62 submissions, and are representative of the “cloud” where disciplines such as painting, sculpture, installation, and photography meet and cross into each other.

These works engage the public space of the Museum and invite viewers to face the commonplaces of everyday life, and think about and beyond their own limitations, as illustrated by Ipiña’s Windows onto a Better Promise. This work evokes the relations that can be established with the outside world from an interior space.

The “Supernova” I Knew, by Martínez K., and Study of a Chestnut; Brown, Green, Grey, Projecting a Purple Shadow, by Álvarez Berakoetxea, invite viewers to observe and question their relationship to manufacturing processes and the industrial products of their surroundings. To that end, the artists use artisanal methods to transform these objects and in doing so, disarticulate their meanings and create new visual correlations.

Grijalvo also reflects on the relationship between the natural and the artificial in his work Rotten Apples, whereas in Scenarios, Benito Píriz presents pulpits, lecterns and trampolines that have been deprived of their function—to elevate the speaker and his discourse—thereby putting into question its very existence and projection in contemporary society.

In Time for Love, Ieregi also deprives the object of its function, by transforming parts of scaffolding into supports for images extracted from video recordings, fragmented and
deprived of all references.

This initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Biscay and BBK.