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  • Free, unlimited access
  • Guided tours and Members-only activities
  • Discounts at the Store/Bookstore and café, and at cultural events sponsored by partner institutions
  • And a year of much, much more by becoming a Museum Member
María Eugenia

María Eugenia de la Calle

I am a Museum Member because I have been enamored with the Guggenheim project since the outset. I am completely thrilled and excited about how it’s turned out. It is our Museum, an important place that represents us in the world. I also want to encourage other people to become Members. I think it’s a great way to feel a part of the project and promote the Museum.
Aurea Larrea

Aurea Larrea

I’ve been a Museum Member for five years. I wanted to know all about the Museum and its exhibitions, and to take part in seeing it move forward. What’s more, it has allowed me to work as a volunteer, enjoy all of the exhibitions, get to know a lot of people and experience some really great moments.
Ramiro Pascual

Ramiro Pascual

I became a Museum Member in 1999 for purely economic reasons. I compared the price of admission with what it would cost me to become a member and decided that the second option would be cheaper and I could go anytime I liked. In 2000 I was lucky enough to be to retire and decided to become a volunteer. I love it. For someone like myself inclined to art and leisure activities, it’s a good way to fill my day and share my time with people and be helpful.

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