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Lekeitio is a picturesque fishing village on the Biscay coast that offers a number of places of interest to the visitor.
The streets of the old quarter contain several examples of artistic heritage, in the form of the Basilica of the Asunción de Santa Maria with its magnificent gilded gothic altarpiece, considered the third biggest in Spain, and a wide range of outstanding buildings, among them the noble houses of Uriarte, Oxangoiti, Uribarri, and Abaroa.

Other places worth a visit are the bridge of Isuntza, the island of San Nicolás (which can be reached on foot at low tide), and the lighthouse of Santa Catalina, all spectacular spots that highlight the charm of Lekeitio. Another special place is Isuntza, where you can take a stroll along the beach while enjoying an incomparable view of the town.

Localización de Lekeitio


48280 Lekeitio, España