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Zero Espazioa

Zero Espazioa is the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao's orientation room. It is a dynamic, interactive space where visitors will find everything they need to make their experience at the Museum an unforgettable one.



A 110 sqm space located on the right side of the Hall through a yellow Plexiglass door.


You will find a variety of multimedia devices, including plasma screens and laptops, which contain the keys to getting the most out of your visit or learning more about what you've already seen.


The information is easy to access, user friendly, and available in four languages: Spanish, Basque, English, and French.


With a modern, functional design, the space resembles a large wooden wooden coffer illuminated with specially designed fiber-optic materials and LEDs.



This area features six interactive touch screens where you can:

  1. Obtain detailed information on:
    • - The art program and scheduled activities—temporary exhibitions, presentations from the Permanent Collection, and any other activities or events organized by the Museum.
    • The Museum services, including the Store/Bookstore, restaurants, coatroom, etc.
    • Educational resources designed by the Museum to provide visitors with a better understanding of contemporary art: various materials, didactic spaces, audio guides, etc.
    • - A number of videos that provide insight into the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao project, the creation of the Guggenheim Network, and many interesting aspects of the building, designed by Frank Gehry.
  2. Enhance your visit with printable itineraries designed by the Museum. This allows you to choose different routes depending on the amount of time available and your particular interests.
  3. Put your own personal experience of the Museum on record and learn about the experience of others by playing a game called "Rethinking My Route," created by artist Maider López.


You can access several computers to:

  1. Access in-depth information on past or present exhibitions on display at the Museum.
  2. Learn about works from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collection through a user-friendly search engine.
  3. Discover the amazing spaces of the building designed by Frank Gehry with the latest 360 degree panorama software.
  4. Learn more about the practice of the Museum from unconventional perspectives with "Sparkling Curiosity," a program that will help you discover new ways to look at art, prompt interesting questions, and arouse your curiosity about different aspects of the exhibitions.
  5. At Zero Espazioa you will also find books, catalogues, and magazines highlighting the Museum's Art Program, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collection and the other Guggenheim Collections.

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