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Fiestas – Aste Nagusia (Big Week)

Fiestas – Aste Nagusia (Big Week)

Marijaia, mascot of the Bilbao celebrations, announces the start to the city's nine days of boisterous non-stop activity.

Theatre performances, big concerts, fireworks displays by some of the world’s best pyrotechnics companies, gastronomy competitions, games for kids and all sorts of other activities can be found dotted throughout the city’s spaces. The hub of the celebrations is the streets and squares of the old quarter, the Casco Viejo, and the banks of the Estuary, where local groups of revelers install their txosnas (wooden stalls with music, food and drink).

Also at this time, the big theatre companies open their plays on the stages of Bilbao, the circus and funfair set up their tents and stalls in Etxebarria Park, and bullfights and pelota games are held.

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Place: Bilbao
Dates: 08/16/2014 − 08/24/2014

Localización de Fiestas – Aste Nagusia (Big Week)

Fiestas – Aste Nagusia (Big Week)

Bilbao, Vizcaya, España