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MuMe: Mercado Musical

MuMe: Mercado Musical

At MuMe (Musika Merkatua), visitors will discover a complete chest of treasures: instruments, vinyl, CDs, t-shirts and all sorts of other second-hand music-related items at hugely attractive prices. But MuMe isn’t only about objects; it also means music in all shapes and sizes: live performances, open mic, workshops and exhibitions. And at Garabia ZAWP Aretoa, the market venue, you can also make the most of the opportunity to have something a bit different on the open-air terrace.

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Venue: Garabia Zawp Aretoa, Bilbao
Date: Last Sunday of the month. Next and last edition: 29-06-2014

Localización de MuMe: Mercado Musical

MuMe: Mercado Musical

Bilbao, Vizcaya, España