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PORT ART: travelling exhibition

PORT ART: travelling exhibition

In order to show society the history, activity and economic importance of the Port of Bilbao, and its relation with the towns along its banks, the Fundación Puerto y Ría de Bilbao has launched the travelling exhibition Port Art in Zierbena.

The event, inspired by the late fifties’s artistic movement, takes the shape of 6 x 20-foot containers (6 meters long), decorated inside and outside with works taking their inspiration from pop artists. The first of the containers, designed along the lines of Roy Lichtenstein’s work, gives general information about the Port of Bilbao. The second, with its homage to the artist Jasper Johns, addresses the port’s historic relations with the towns on the banks of the estuary. The third, reminiscent of the artist Frank Stella, demonstrates the connection of the port with the world. The fourth, dedicated to Andy Warhol, focusses on the port’s environmental policy. The fifth, decorated in the style of James Rosenquist, is destined to highlighting the services of consignment, stowage and maritime transport. Finally, the sixth, with a finish influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock, houses different kinds of goods typically to be found on port docks.

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Place: Zierbena (Bizkaia)
Date: 23/07/2014

Localización de PORT ART: travelling exhibition

PORT ART: travelling exhibition

48508 Ciérvana, Vizcaya, España