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Santa Águeda 2014

Santa Águeda 2014

In many towns across the Basque Country it is tradition on February 4 to sing special songs on the eve of Santa Águeda. Groups of friends, or cuadrillas, take to the streets of towns, cities and villages, going door to door, for farmhouse to farmhouse, singing songs to the saint and collecting money for different causes. They often carry canes with which they strike the ground to the beat of the music.
The sanctuary of Santa Águeda is located in Kastrexana (Barakaldo). On February 5 and on the Sundays before and after that date, some 30,000 people journey to Santa Águeda to take part in the processions.
The members of these makeshift choirs mark the beat by striking their makilas (sticks in Basque) on the ground. Sunday mass is followed by festivities and food. Another local tradition is to bring rosquillas, little donut shaped biscuits, strung on a stick to have for breakfast the next day.
In addition to walking to the church, in good weather many people from Barakaldo head up to the nearby Mount Arroletza to have a sandwich and enjoy the excellent views from the top.

Where: Barakaldo
When: 05/02/2014

Localización de Santa Águeda 2014

Santa Águeda 2014

Baracaldo, Vizcaya, España