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Olatu Talka

Olatu Talka

The 5th edition of the Olatu Talka culture fest will run in San Sebastián over the weekend of May 23, 24, and 25, and on Sunday, June 1. Carrying the slogan Shake the city!!!, the festival is part of the project San Sebastián, European Capital of Culture 2016, the values and contents of which it helps to spread among society.

The particularity of Olatu Talka lies in the fact that its program is put together with the cultural proposals made by the citizens for the citizens. Thus, given the importance placed on participation, Olatu Talka will be what the citizens want it to be.

The festival is like a huge wave that literally shakes the city, a platform to test new ways of doing things together and new uses for the public space, to address social criticism based on activism, lend visibility to new cultural practices and establish different channels of collaboration between professional and amateur artists. Largely thanks to the four previous editions of Olatu Talka, several previously non-existent activities now regularly feature on cultural programs and enjoy widespread social relevance.

The 5th edition of Olatu Talka won’t be limited to a single weekend, but will unfold its activities over four days, during the weekend of May 23, 24 and 25 and all day Sunday, June 1, which will be dedicated entirely to Ziklobia, given the enormous success of the event in previous years.

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Where: San Sebastián
When: 05/23/2014–06/01/2014

Localización de Olatu Talka

Olatu Talka

San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, España