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San Prudencio

San Prudencio

The festivities in honor of San Prudencio are one of the major events for the people of Álava. The night before the feast day, a number of bands play the popular Retreta in the balconies overlooking the Plaza de la Provincia in Vitoria. After that comes the Tamborrada marching parade. Members from the different cooking societies head to the streets in throngs, dressed as chefs and parade through the streets of the old town and city center to the beat of txistus and drums.

April 28 is the actual feast day of San Prudencio. Thousands of people head to the sanctuary of Armentia to pay their respects to the relics of the patron saint of Alava. After the religious celebration, the people meet up in the open fields of Armentia to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

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Where: Vitoria–Gasteiz
When: 27/04/2014–28/04/2014

Localización de San Prudencio

San Prudencio

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, España