Curatorial Lab

Curatorial Lab is an initiative of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao which presents interventions and projects that young Basque curators have envisioned specifically for gallery 103b. This program, a continuation of the initiative launched in 2012 to celebrate the Museum’s 15th anniversary, will materialize in three different projects by three separate curators over the course of 2013, giving the local emerging art scene a space of its own inside the Museum.

Horizon is the title of the second Curatorial Lab project, a group show curated by Alexandra Baurès (Tonneins, France, 1971) featuring the work of Carla Andrade (Vigo, 1983), Bego Antón (Bilbao, 1983), Antonio Barea (Jaén, 1985), Amaia Gracia Azqueta (Pamplona, 1985), Sandra Montero (Zaragoza, 1983), Eriz Moreno (Bilbao, 1982), and Mikel Uribetxeberria (Urrestilla, Azpeitia, 1975). With a discourse revolving around the concept of horizon—as both visual line and axis of a reflection on the relationship between humans and nature in an age of pressing environmental concerns—Baurès takes a painting from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collection, Seascape (Seestück, 1998) by Gerhard Richter, and juxtaposes it with the creations of these young artists, who work in a region surrounded by mountains and the sea and whose art reflects the landscape of familiar or faraway places.

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