ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, California

Future Pasadena

A Future Vision for Pasadena

ArtCenter College of Design is located in Pasadena, California, nine miles north of Los Angeles and east of Hollywood, in an area that will soon host General Motors’ new design campus. As Pasadena developed during the past century, it became shaped around the ubiquitous use of the automobile, which brought benefits as well as challenges. Freeways made travel faster but separated and segregated neighbourhoods. Personal vehicles improved independence but increased pollution and led to regulations and global action on vehicle emissions.

ArtCenter’s student work exhibit showcases how people will live and move in cities like Pasadena and Los Angeles in the future, responding to the critical challenges we face. It considers environmental impact and how electrification and automation will increase safety and optimize traffic flow. It also looks to the air, where mobility via air taxis and new forms of aircraft is quickly becoming a reality.

Lorne Buchman, Marek Djordjevic, Jered Gold, Karen Hofmann, John Krsteski, Jordan Meadows, Stephen Nowlin, Jay Sanders, Stewart Reed, Geoff Wardle

Team Members
Yingfei Taylor Chen, Omar Gonzalez, Frank Guan, Jingdian Elijah Li, Alex Lopez, Venus Marenco, Beichen Aven Shi, Emi Taniguchi, Jackson Zhang, Ao Zhou

Ford Motor Company, USA
Genesis, USA
Honda Motor Company, USA
Spinifex Group, USA