LEARN is the educational project of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. It welcomes everyone, and its contents are organized according to the audiences that they target and their specific needs and interests. Encompassing a wide range of programs, activities, and resources, LEARN is designed to enhance the enjoyment and knowledge of the Museum’s art program and the architecture of the building, and ultimately modern and contemporary art and culture in general.


mundo escolar 1

As a teacher, a prime and essential educational agent, you can participate in different activities and programs designed FOR YOU and FOR YOUR CLASS.

en familia

We offer tools, spaces, and specific programs for children of different ages (beginning at 6 months old!) and their accompanying adult. Different ways of enjoying a friendly, enriching museum experience.

programas públicos recortada

These programs include talks, lectures, dance, sound interventions, performances, concerts, film screenings, courses, and workshops targeted at adults who seek to further explore and expand upon the content of the Museum exhibitions and the works in the Collection.

programas publicos

LEARN ONLINE is the digital component of the Museum’s educational programming. It aims to enhance the on-site pedagogical experience with sustainable, lasting digital programs and tools and with innovative, accessible activities.

exclusion social

Through transformative pedagogical processes, the Museum focuses on different vulnerable communities and their values and social needs. Artistic-educational practice thus becomes an essential tool in promoting and developing INCLUSIVE and INTEGRATIVE CULTURE projects.


Talking about art unabashedly and experiencing it and analyzing it easily and accessibly while visiting the Museum becomes simple with the resources and programs we develop.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation - New York

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao gives young artists and art students born or living in the Basque Country the unique chance to spend two or three months working at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.


Art and Artists
To encourage respect and empathy towards art and artists.
To view the Museum, the art it presents, and the educational practice as useful tools in generating knowledge.

Individual and Cooperative Learning
Promoting shared, cooperative learning along with individual critical thinking.
Underscoring the importance of creativity and imagination, feeling and pleasure as horizontal learning tools.

Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility
To develop transformative and inclusive pedagogical processes in response to the social and gender diversity of the artists exhibited and of everyone.
To target the educational programming at both Museum visitors and other people who cannot easily access it.

Digital Education
To generate motivating, personalized, and accessible learning experiences through innovative and lasting digital educational tools and programs.

Sustainability and Wellbeing
To promote actions that favor education and the museum experience around sustainable development and improving people’s lives.
To encourage exchanges with cultural entities around us and to generate a multidisciplinary and enriching program of activities.