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Since 1997, BBK has been a Strategic Trustee of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, being actively involved in the Museum’s management as a member of both the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao-BBK partnership is aimed at strengthening social cohesion and cultural foundations for the development of society in Bizkaia. Carrying out innovative, creative projects, the Museum and BBK want to promote knowledge and understanding of contemporary art, reaching out to all kinds of audiences.

BBK’s program Connect With Art makes tools available for a better understanding of art, boosting the tourism potential of Bilbao and Bizkaia, and thus contributing to strengthen the economic impact on the city and the region. BBK sponsors educational activities and programs targeted at little visitors, who are encouraged to learn and enjoy art at school – Learning Through Art – and with their family – Family Christmas. As a Strategic Trustee, BBK is also concerned with social issues, bringing the Museum closer to underprivileged groups by organizing guided tours for disabled or vulnerable visitors and activities for children’s units at the hospitals in Basurto and Cruces.


Right from the start of this fascinating adventure, BBK and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao have been side by side. It could not have been otherwise. From our different spheres of influence, we share the willingness to contribute resources and initiatives for Bilbao’s –and the Basque Country’s– social and cultural development. Our goals are clearly the same: we want a modern, dynamic society that is open to the world and appreciative of Culture –with a big C– as a tool for social cohesion and development.

Our commitment to the dissemination of culture is channeled into a variety of fields –in particular, into the latest expressions of art and culture. It is against the background of this commitment that we are involved in the management of the Museum and its education area, making contributions to the Museum’s educational vision, which we take as our own.

Xabier Sagredo Ormaza
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BBK

Sponsorship this year


    Educational Programs

    • Learning Through Art
    • Christmas activities for kids
  • Didaktika BBK

    Facilitation Programs (Connect with Art)


    • Audio guides
    • Guided tours
    • Educational areas in exhibitions
    • Smartphone app
  • visitas colectivos desfavorecidos BBK

    Social Programs

    • Tours for underprivileged groups
    • Activities in hospitals
    • ModernizARTE


    BBK Jazz Guggenheim Gauak

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