Delft University of Technology

The Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture Urban Design

The Auto Drives Architecture

This project presents a cinematic road trip imagining the implications the future car will have on the design of the built environment. Intersecting a typical parking spot footprint with the volume of a car, the interior of the installation features an animated film of drawings illustrating new spatial experiences from the future car’s viewpoint.

If the invention of the car over a century ago posed new challenges to city planners and architects, when new buildings and spaces had to be created and adapted to manufacture, buy and sell, maintain, fill-up, and park cars, the film explores how the future car will drive the design of new buildings and retrofitting others to accommodate the needs of a future society.

Traveling from the auto showroom, underground parking garage, car wash, fueling station, battery replacement center, and rest stop, to the pick-up point, shopping mall, church, cinema, motel, and auto camp, the film tells the story of how the future car will offer design opportunities for our buildings, cities, infrastructures, and territories.

Salomon Frausto

Team Members
Kees Kaan, Dick van Gameren, Juan Benavides, Berlage Generation 32