Abigail Lazkoz
Abigail Lazkoz

Second floor

Drawing is the key to Abigail Lazkoz’s (b. 1972) production. Her first black and white works were characterized by an economy of means, with freedom of production taking precedence over the support.

At times, these drawings are the size of murals or installations and adapt to the walls of the gallery where they are exhibited, allowing the spectator to “walk” through the drawing and participate in the scene. In 2007, this work was presented in the Museum in the form of a mural drawn directly on the walls. The current format—drawings on paper—reflects a more intimate scale and a closer relationship with the artist’s work process.

130,000 Years of Last Trends presents part of a cemetery, which reveals a series of square niches occupied by people who take on circular shapes drawn using a graphic language taken from comics. Lazkoz’s works revolve around identity, the strata of life leading to its end, and a concern with death, which the artist addresses with a dose of black humor.

Original title: 130,000 Years of Last Trends
Date: 2006–07
Medium / Materials: Mural painting (2007): acrylic on wall
Four drawings (2006): India ink and pigment ink on paper
Dimensions: 152.4 x 250.4 cm; 152.4 x 254 cm; 152.3 x 238.9 cm;
152.35 x 298.3 cm
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa