Exploring prints

In 1963, while Iiving in New Haven, Connecticut (USA), Anni took her first steps in the field of printmaking. It did not take the artist long to discover that this technique offered her a faster or, as she put it herself, a freer means of expression:

“My great breakaway came when my by-then husband, Josef Albers, was asked to work at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles […] June Wayne, head of the workshop, asked me to try a lithograph myself. I found that, in lithography, the image of threads could project a freedom I had never suspected.” 

That year she made two prints in the workshop, and then went back to New Haven and made two more prints. In 1964 June Wayne invited her to be a fellow at Tamarind and she made her series “Line Involvements”.

These first series of lithographs, which took thread and its forms as a conceptual starting point, were followed by printmaking with different layers of various inks which, when mixed with acids, generated colored transparencies and gave rise to optical illusions (such as three-dimensionality). The artist was delighted at the possibility of serial production of works of this type, and from then until 1984 concentrated exclusively on printmaking, leaving textiles definitively behind her.