Pablo Picasso
Ouvrier soudant "La Femme à la Clé" ou dit "La Taulière" devant l'entrée de La Californie Cannes, en 1957
Duncan David Douglas (1916-2018)
© David Douglas Duncan
Photo © RMN-Grand Palais (Musée national Picasso-Paris) / image RMN-GP

In Vallauris, in addition to producing ceramics, Picasso’s overflowing creativity drove him once again to create assemblages by reusing discarded objects from a nearby junkyard and transforming them into surprising figures. You can see Picasso at work on The Woman with a Key (1953) in the video shown at the end of this corridor. Years later, in La Californie—his new home in Cannes— Picasso continued to reuse materials. Broomsticks and wooden frames and moldings were transformed into human figures in the sculptural group The Bathers (1956). This group was later cast in bronze, for it to travel through Europe and the United States.

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