Did you know
Did you know
The African continent has a surface area of 30.1 million square kilometers (11.6 million square miles), more tan China, the US, India, and Eastern Europe combined. Only Asia outranks it in size.

There are 54 countries in the African continent, where more tan 2,000 different languages are spoken.

Over 1.1 billion people live in Africa, and some cities, like Dakar, are very densely populated. The top African megacities (according to UN data for 2014) are:

  • Lagos (Nigeria): +18 million people
  • Cairo (Egypt): +12 million people
  • Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo): +11 million people

It is also the wold’s youngest continent: the average age is 20.5, and half the population is even younger than that.

Internet and telecom use is growing at an astonishing rate. Between 2000 and 2014, the number of internet users rose by nearly 300 million, and today there are over 650 million active cell pone subscribers. While 42% of the world population has Access to the internet, in Africa this figure stands at 27%.

The countries with the highest percentage of population accessing the internet are:

  • Madagascar, Malawi and Mali: +70%
  • Egypt and Morocco: +60%
  • Seychelles and South Africa: +50%

The most active countries on social media are Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa.