Macy´s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Rabbit
Macy´s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Rabbit
As part of his Statuary series, Koons, inspired by his earlier work Inflatable Flower and Bunny (Tall White, Pink Bunny), creates his now iconic stainless steel sculpture entitled Rabbit (1986).

In 2007, Koons created a large-scale helium-filled balloon of his original Rabbit sculpture, measuring approximately 16 meters in height, for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Thanksgiving is a North American holiday rooted in the tradition of expressing gratitude for the fall harvest, which traces back to the Colonial era. Every year on this day at the end of November, Macy’s department store sponsors a widely attended and televised parade that marches down New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Along with this New York parade, his own childhood memories, including participating in Colonial Day Parades in his hometown of York, Pennsylvania, served as inspiration; in this case fusing tradition and contemporary art in pursuit of social celebration.

Rabbit Balloon by Jeff Koons in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
New York City, 2007
Image courtesy: MACY’s, New York