A Material Approach

As part of the Didaktika project, the Museum designs didactic spaces, online contents, and special activities that complement each exhibition in an effort to provide tools and resources to encourage appreciation of the works displayed.

In this case, the didactic space offers a technical and experimental approach to the different processes used by the artists in the show The Line of Wit. Thus, it will reveal some of the unusual materials and techniques used to create both the figurative and the more abstract pieces. Plus, we will illustrate how these artists use technologies or the architectural space to give shape to their ideas. On one side of this hallway, you can see a selection of the materials used by these artists, from the most common to the least conventional, while on the other side are the explanations of how they are combined using different creative processes. After taking a close look at the elements comprising the works, we can look at the pieces with new eyes; our perception is sure to have changed and we will appreciate the exhibition in a more nuanced way.