Ephemeral Art

Artist: Manu Muniategiandikoetxea
Techniques: Painting, photography, and artistic action
School: San Lorenzo PS
Academic year: 2011–12
Related areas and topics: Science
Teachers: Pilar Fernández y Elena Rodríguez


Understand the importance of the ephemeral, valuing conceptual work in art, and strengthen literature and poetry topics recreationally.


Chalk, ballpoint pens, camera, and video camera.


  1. Images of ephemeral art and land art from art books or the Internet are commented on.
  2. In a brainstorming session, the group is asked to come up with ideas for ephemeral art projects.
  3. Some projects can be done in the street where the drawings are exposed to the weather and will gradually deteriorate until they disappear.
  4. They can make a drawing in a wood by marking lines on the trees using chalks.
  5. The wood thereby becomes an immense canvas where the optical drawings can be read depending on the spectator’s position.
  6. Ephemeral drawings can be done on the floor of the school playground using chalks.
  7. This drawing can be used for playing, moving over and around it and it can create a surprise for the other students in the school.
  8. They can come up with a performance based on a simple dance routine.
  9. They all become one single body that moves in unison: they go from one side to the other and then suddenly fall on the floor.
  10. Micro-poetry (one or two lines long) writing is organized to recreationally reinforce Literature topics.
  11. Micro-poems are written on their hands with washable felt tip pens.
  12. Actions can be recorded on video or in photos.