Artist: Maider López
Techniques: carving, installation
School: CP Karmengo Ama
Years: 5th and 6th
Related areas and subjects: Science


to promote cooperation as a way to work and foster empathy among the group members.


30/40 cardboard boxes, colored pasteboard, and glue.


  1. A discussion is held as regards what to represent with each color and an agreement is reached on the matter.
  2. The six sides of the boxes are covered with the colored pasteboard.
  3. Every day, at the end of the class, one or several pupils say what they feel out loud.
  4. The boxes are piled on top of one another to display the color that describes their emotional state, showing the color or colors with which they identify that day.
  5. All help to pile and re-pile the boxes into a wall that displays different colors every day and functions like a feelings map.