Curricular subject: Civic and Social Values

17 students, 3rd and 4th grades

Teacher: Leyre Fernández

Artist: Elssie Ansareo

Language: Spanish

Artist Elssie Ansareo invited the students at San Ignacio School in Getxo to make an artistic intervention on the walls of the schoolyard–a meeting point to play and develop social skills, a place associated with positive feelings. “How can we represent all this using geometric shapes and colors?,” Elssie asked the students. In order to answer this question, they had to explore their feelings, understand them, and express them with colors, shapes, lines, etc. During the intervention, the schoolyard became synonymous with camaraderie, companionship, and fun. The students enjoyed themselves and created much needed ties in times of pandemic restrictions.

The students designed an intervention covering all the walls around the schoolyard, and they took photos and videos of it all. During their collaboration with the artist in the Learning Through Art program, they could only complete one section. But the children want to resume along the lines of the experience acquired and finalize the rest of their intervention in the space.