Part II of an Unbuilt Project | Xabier Salaberria | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition

Garmendia, Maneros Zabala, Salaberria. Process and Method

10.31.2013 - 02.16.2014

The deconstruction of history and simulation are strategies common to the practices of Basque artists Iñaki Garmendia (Ordizia, 1972), Xabier Salaberria (Donostia, 1969) and Erlea Maneros Zabala (Bilbao, 1977), in which the processes of recreation, appropriation, and reinterpretation are part of their respective approaches to art. This exhibition project reflects the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s unflagging commitment to analyzing the local art scene in order to contextualize these works.

The show is conceived as a group of three autonomous yet interdependent structures to house the work of each of these authors and facilitate a process of reciprocal feedback among the three artists. Each structure offers an overview of their careers while also presenting new works created specifically for this exhibition.


Xabier Salaberria
Part II of an Unbuilt Project, 2007
Pine plywood and lag screws
190 x 500 x 40 cm
Courtesy Carreras Múgica, Bilbao