Learning Through Art 2000 | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition

Learning Through Art 2000

06.19.2000 - 07.16.2000

This exhibition shows a selection of works created by the 117 children participating in the Learning Through Art program for the 1999-2000 schoolyear. Founded in 1970 by Natalie Lieberman in New York, the program brings artists to state schools to run a series of workshops and work in close collaboration with teachers there.

The program uses artistic activity to complement the primary school curriculum, helping to develop the self-esteem and personal growth of the children. Young children tend to be more receptive to educational material and learning through artistic activity, and the program's workshops have proved to be an extremely effective way of developing reading, writing and language skills. By taking part in the creative process, children learn new vocabulary and acquire new skills as they plan and execute a project from beginning to end, work in teams and think critically. The program reaches children who may otherwise have difficulties in learning with traditional teaching methods. In the 1999-2000 schoolyear, the program ran for twenty weeks in six Basque schools.

Schools participating:

  • Artatse, Bilbao
  • San Antonio from Etxebarri, Bizkaia
  • Maitegi from Iurreta, Bizkaia
  • Katalin Erauso, San Sebastián
  • Urkizu, Eibar, Gipuzkoa
  • Padre Orbiso, Vitoria

Participating teaching artists were:

Aimar Arriola, Julio Hernández, Roberto Landeta, Iratxe Larrea, Esther Moux, Mercedes Périz, Ana Isabel Román, and Begoña Zubero. The artists have an essential role in stimulating and directing the children's work, by applying the conceptual thinking involved in artistic creation to specific subjects in the primary school curriculum.