Untitled (Jealousy II) | Cristina Iglesias | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition


03.04.2003 - 05.18.2003

Light, the indisputable central theme of this exhibition, pierces and forms part of the work of four leading artists on the contemporary Basque and Spanish art scene. Javier Pérez, Cristina Iglesias, Susana Solano, and Juan Luis Moraza represent one of the guidelines of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collection.

The extreme lightness of Levitas, a piece created by Javier Pérez in 1998, reveals the human presence in the form of mysterious footprints inserted in glass shapes that convey the transitory nature and fragility of life.

Cristina Iglesias's Untitled (Alabaster Room) [Sin título (Habitación de alabastro)], 1993, is formed by space, light and materials that model and give a sense to the whole, underscoring the physical qualities of the work and revealing its structural and formal complexity. Untitled (Jealousy II) [Sin título (Celosía II)], created in 1997, has the appearance of an exotic room which, in spite of the fact that it seems to be windowless, allows light to enter. This piece reminds Arab latticework and in it, as in the case of many of her artistic creations, she manages to bring together seemingly antithetic contents, presenting a room that is at once a refuge and a prison.

In Jaosokor, a piece created in 1997 by artist Susana Solano, the large, uniformly-sized pieces of transparent, colorless plastic produce a false sensation of solidity, and at the same time remind one of some of the qualities of foam, water and sun light. Inspired by a trip to Indonesia, in this work the artist expresses the need to relate her art to the world.

Juan Luis Moraza displays his work Ecstasy, Status, Statue (Éxtasis, status, estatua), 1994, in which a large number of shoe heels made from resin and placed in a straight line will produce a sensation of paralyzing saturation and articulate feminine pleasure, indirectly represented by the heels. This work highlights the interest of Moraza in form, (to a certain extent) day-to-day things, and in the limits of the object, while at the same time pointing to questions of greater importance.


Cristina Iglesias
Untitled (Jealousy II) [Sin título (Celosía II)], 1997
Wood, resin, and bronze powder
274 X 270 X 251.5 cm
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa