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Busturialdea is a unique natural area with a great variety of landscapes in the heart of Biscay.
Home to a valuable biological treasure that combines a number of ecosystems and particular communities of wildlife and plant life with very important species, this wetland was declared a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The viewpoints of the four main ecosystems in the area are the chapel of San Pedro de Atxarre, where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the estuary and a holm-oak wood; ‘Campas de Axpe-Busturia,’ a natural mosaic of Atlantic meadows and forests, crops and small woods dotted with farmhouses of historical and economic importance; the marshes and the sandy stretches of San Cristóbal-Busturia, an ideal place for observing the birds that use the marsh as a refuge; and Cape Matxitxako, from where you can see dolphins—and sometimes whales—out to sea, plus coastal cliffs of great scenic and natural interest.

Localización de Urdaibai


48350 Busturia, España