Fujiko Nakaya | Artista | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

Studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and concentrates on video art during the early years of her career. Moves to New York in the mid-1960s, where she becomes involved with Experiments in Art and Technology, an organization founded by Robert Rauschenberg and engineer Billy Klüver, among others, for collaborative projects between artists and engineers.


Makes her first fog sculpture, in the Pepsi Pavilion at Expo ’70 in Osaka. Fog will become a recurring element in her work; she will also work in video throughout her career.


The video work Statics of an Egg is exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum during the Tokyo Biennial. Creates a fog environment for American composer David Tudor’s Island Eye Island Ear on the island of Knavelskar in Sweden.


Takes part in the Second Biennale of Sydney with the installation Fog Sculpture #94768: Earth Talk, for which she receives the Australian Cultural Award.


Participates in the Festival of Light, Sound and Fog in Tochigi, Japan, for which she creates the fog sculpture Kawaji, in collaboration with artist Bill Viola. Creates Cloud Installation #72405 for the Eleventh International Sculpture Conference in Washington, D.C. Creates Cloud Installation #72503: Opal Loop in collaboration with the Trisha Brown Dance Company.


Creates a fog sculpture for the Miyagi Museum of Art in Sendai, Japan. Joins the design team for Shah Alam Lake Park inMalaysia.


Creates the installation Fog Sculpture #94925: Foggy Wake in a Desert: An Ecospshere for the sculpture garden of the Australian National Gallery in Canberra. Stages Fog Performance #47590: Kata-no-taiko at Inter- Design ’82 in Central Park, Kanazawa, Japan.

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