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Poetics of Disappearance

20065 digital C-prints
130 x 153 cm each

Poetics of Disappearance (Poétique de la disparition), 2006, is a series consisting of five photographs. The symmetrical, centered frontal view of a room with a blocked chimney and an anonymous bed in the foreground is repeated in the series. The only element that changes is the body, which sometimes appears only as a trace of itself, as a dark and iridescent vapor that weighs lightly on the mattress. The artist leaves the camera in a fixed position opposite the bed and takes long exposures of about 25-30 seconds, during which she moves incessantly in front of the lens, holding a little flash in her hand. Because of the long exposure with the diaphragm left open for a long time, her body appears blurred, except for the parts that freeze when the flash goes off.

Original title

Poétique de la disparition




5 digital C-prints

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Edition 1/3 + A.P.


130 x 153 cm each

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Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa