University of Cape Town

U+, US+

U+ is a conceptual proposition that interweaves cutting edge pragmatics to optimise and enhance an individual’s mobility in and around the city of Cape Town, South Africa. This speculative intervention confronts a range of significant historic, economic and socio-political factors that affect access to the city and its surroundings; dynamics mirrored in other cities across the global South. The resulting mono-vehicle prototype is designed to optimise issues of space, time and energy by proposing a unique form of public transport that engages with questions of mobility justice; access-equity; intermodal and trans-modal mechanisms; commuter-centric design; waiting times; future trends; first and last-mile services; adaptability with public transport; variable terrains; and, more recently, post-pandemic era pragmatics and concerns. Through dynamic addition, a range of U+‘s converts to a fleet—US+—that, collectively, responds to the increased need for public mobility, and in doing so, encourages multi-modal flexibility across differentiated scales.

Prof. Edgar Pieterse, Dr. Philippa Tumubweinee

Team Members
Heeten Bhagat, Emma Bracher, Brendon Clack, Tankiso Hantsi, Divine Masako, Dineo Mogotsi, Paul Richardson, Martin Wilson, Daniel Xu