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Cavalcade of the three wise men

Cavalcade of the three wise men

Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar are the Kings from the East who will arrive in the Basque Country in order to hand over gifts to the children. On the evening of January 5th Christmas fleets, massively spread all over the Basque geography will parade along the streets. As for the night, the Three Wise Men will bear presents for the children who are awaiting them while sleeping. According to this tradition, the children who have behaved badly during the last year receive coal -ade of sugar- instead of gifts. Magic, fantasy and illusion are the main ingredients of the day.

Vitoria: The Three Wise Men will arrive at the RENFE station in the Alavese capital in the morning and shortly afterwards they will go to the Plaza del Machete to greet all the local gasteiztarras. They will meet the young boys and girls at the Villasuso Palace. The parade will leave from Plaza Bilbao and will end at the intersection of Avenida de Gasteiz and calle Chile.

Bilbao: The streets of Botxo once again welcome a show filled with light and colour. Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar will be the absolute protagonists in a parade which about three hundred people will take part in. The parade will start at 18:00 and will go along the Gran Vía and end at the City Hall. They will meet the little ones, in the Arab Hall in Bilbao City Hall.

San Sebastián: Their Majesties will reach the city onboard a small ship. Their route is set to begin in Boulevard in order to cover the city centre and give out sweets. As every year, torchbearers, animals and music accompany them.

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