The Body that Carries Me

There are a number of pieces that welcome physical interaction: climb and lie on them, think on them and even share your experiences with other visitors on them. Museum staff will be on hand to help visitors take part in the experience. For example, in the Atrium, visitors can lie back on a wheeled carts, looking skyward, and contemplating Neto's spectacular work The Falling Body female and Frank Gehry's building from a completely new prospective. Barter Barter in gallery 203 and Drawing Place in gallery 208 will also be brought to life every day from 11 am to 2 pm with the help of Museum staff.

In his creations, Ernesto Neto incorporates a powerful social component from popular Brazilian culture—from traditional knitting to street instruments to fruits and spices… Discover his colors, textures, rhythms, and smells taking part in the workshops we've organized specially for the occasion.