Paris - Montroig
Paris - Montroig

1920 First trip to Paris. Miró henceforth alternates his stays in this city with summers in Mont-roig, where he paints landscapes. This is a period of economic difficulties.

1922 He comes into contact with artists, writers, and poets of the Surrealist circle, including prominent figures like André Breton, Max Jacob, and André Masson.

1930 He continues his project of breaking with tradition, and begins a phase of experimentation with different techniques and materials.

1936 Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Miró remains in Paris.

Joan Miró observing a root cast up by the sea on
the beach of Mont-roig, Tarragona,
ca. 1946-1950.
© Hereus de Joaquim Gomis. Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona.