Group Flag

Artist: Ainhoa Ortells
Technique: painting and design
School CP San Ignacio
Years: 3rd and 4th
Related areas and topics: Ethical and Civic Education
Teacher: Marian Antolín


to foster affective and emotional expression, part of the educational area for citizenship


paper, felt pens, paint brushes, clay, mural paper, fancy-dress sunglasses, cellophane, and tempera paint.


  1. An exploration is made of the possibility of expressing feelings, emotions, traits of identity, etc. through art.
  2. The pupils are offered the chance to experiment with different techniques: using modelling clay, painting directly with their hands and fingers or using color to represent the feelings and emotions they feel when listening to music.
  3. The class is then asked to draw a symbolic self-portrait using the technique that best defines them.
  4. As symbols, the pupils paint stars, hearts, flowers, people, flags.... either that or they take recourse to semi-abstract symbols.
  5. Each symbol will be scanned and digitally added to a common work.
  6. The composition of all emblems is printed to form an enormous single banner to run round the entire classroom.
  7. The banner is completed by writing and adding elements by hand.
  8. The pupils make sunglasses, putting piece of “stained glass” cellophane in the frames, so that they can use them to look at the mural differently.