What are we like?

Artist: Jorge Rubio
Media: painting
School: C.P. Uribarri (Bilbao)
Year: 3rd
Related areas: Social and Natural Sciences
Teacher: Saioa Cañas


To get to know oneself better, from both the physical and emotional point of view, learning to express feelings through artistic creation.


Pencils, 100 x 70 cm sheets of plasterboard, projector, camera, tempera paints and paintbrushes.


  1. The students are set the challenge of painting a self-portrait showing what they’re really like.
  2. Close-up photographs are taken of each student.
  3. Each of the photographs is projected so that the students can trace their pictures using a pencil and transfer it in larger size onto a sheet of hardboard.
  4. The projection is used to achieve a schematic reproduction of the image, avoiding details, marking areas of light and shadow.
  5. To make these drawings into real self-portraits, they must be filled with content.
  6. Within the self-portrait, the students write words that describe them.
  7. Outside, they write words that define their fears or concerns.
  8. The light parts, which correspond to the prominent areas of the portrait, are filled with words referring to the positive aspects of their personality.
  9. The portrait is completed with tempera paint.