The World from a Kite

Artist: Naia del Castillo
Techniques: Painting, photography, and artistic actions
School: Ingeniero José Orbegozo PS
Academic year: 2011–12
Related areas and topics: Science
Teachers: Lourdes Quintana e Iñigo Zubeldia


Give the students experiences outside their close environment so that they imagine other worlds whilst they gain confidence in their own artistic abilities.


Butcher paper, poster colors, paint brushes, face paints, camera, printer, scissors, tissue paper, film, cord, kebab sticks, and kite reels.


  1. Photographs of landscapes from all over the world and the film entitled La gran final introduce environments and lifestyles from different places such as the Amazon and Mongolia.
  2. The children have to imagine that they are flying on a kite and that, from this point of view, they should paint the landscapes they see with poster colors on paper.
  3. In addition, using face paints, part of the landscape is drawn on the student’s face (they paint each other’s’ faces).
  4. So standing next to their painting, their face is camouflaged, they “melt” into the landscape they see, becoming part of it.
  5. A photograph is taken of each student with their work behind them.
  6. The photo is printed on to tracing paper measuring 30 x 30 cm.
  7. The print is mounted on four sticks to make the kite.
  8. A thread or cord is attached and knotted to the reel.
  9. The kites are flown in the street. Photos can be taken of this action.