Force of Life

“But when I stand before a new canvas, all such issues vanish like mist, and I find myself completely immersed in painting. Everyday life is more than enough to bring vitality to the work, and before I know it the picture has changed me.”

Around 1988, an important change took place in the art and psyche of Yayoi Kusama. With the arrival of public recognition, greatly desired and fully merited, through both international exhibitions and praise for her publications in avant-garde literary circles, the healing power of art and the celebration of life now became central themes of her production. As she stated in 1999, Kusama came to believe that her role consisted of transforming her suffering through art “for the healing of all mankind.” In the new millennium, Kusama seeks to amplify this message. For this reason, the joyful and colorful paintings and sculptures of one of her last series, My Eternal Soul (2009–) and Everyday I Pray for Love (2021-present), are perhaps the culmination of this commitment.