Gallery 206

Pared de liquen

This gallery brings together many of Eliasson’s earliest works and presents interests that continue to motivate his art today. Window projection (1990) and Wannabe (1991) were made while Eliasson was still at art school. They use different kinds of light to alter the experience of space and architecture. As with many of Eliasson’s works of this time, the mechanism is very simple and never concealed from view.

Eliasson has long been interested in nature and the weather. From the start, he connected his experiences of the Icelandic landscape to the practice of making sculptures and installations. Some works, like Wavemachines (1995), replicate natural phenomena. In Moss wall (1994), created from Scandinavian reindeer lichen, Eliasson adds an unexpected material from outdoors to the controlled indoor space of the museum. The aroma and texture of the work affect the senses too.